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DIYA INTERNATIONAL Is a non-government, non-political and non-profitable Organization was established and registered with the objective to develop and improve education system, provide support for socio-economic change based on community participation at grass root level in Pakistan.
The overall economic development is being carried out by NGOs and Government functionaries but there are the areas which have not been touched by the NGOs or development organizations of any kind based on community participation.
It has been observed that in Pakistan a sizeable population is living below subsistence living standard because poverty has taken roots in the region. Health facilities, basic education, rural infrastructure is at poor stage. The rate of natural resource utilization is also at negligible level. In some areas there seems to be a plight among rural population’s living conditions. There are limited facilities, head, education and employment. Side by side there are the problems of unemployment, environment pollution, and lack of social guidance, poor state of economic awareness and pitiable social status of majority of population.
As such, Diya is established as a support organization and prove platform for overall change of socio-economic scenario. The emphasis is placed on communication participation at grass root level. Important program activity includes functional education, skill development training program and capital formation through saving by communities at community level. Social guidance and advocacy basic health facilities bio-diversity and environment along with guidance and facilitation of rural population groups in solving the infrastructure and women development program prevalent in the region through communities NGOs are the focal areas of the organization. Public private partnership in development of sect oral development activities is also a part of Diya program.

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